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Tyler Avenue Neighborhood

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April 23rd, 2004

go_lightly__ @ 09:27 am: I took my lunch break about two hours ago and when my boss called me at home I answered!! She fired me right there...on the phone...without my neadle point I am nothing...so I wnt back to my old ways you know the whole story...It's the first gloomy day in newport but I can't tell...because I'm so hi....I even took one of Gaby's ego's it was so good i may not have a bowl of pouridge ever again. Someone come home and take the pop tarts away...by the way I won't cook dinner tonight nor will I eat it I think I'm going ano...someone cook for me. P.s. shout out to my homeboys up in phili's(my crew is trippin'when they aren't all up in my grill

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April 21st, 2004

defy_gravity_ @ 01:12 pm: Bah!
Sorry for the lack of postage we have had here. Its that nothing ever really happens in my life that is really cool. Oh except that I MET EMERIL! He came to the store today. I was showing someone the Indie Fusion aisle when suddenly the door flew open. BAM! He exclaimed and I was shocked. Never had I seen someone as famous as him! And I live in Cali! He asked me if we sold classical. I sadly said no and he said good because he wanted some of that funky new alternative. I pointed him the correct direction and he smiled. He came to pay for the CDs and then I got up the courage to ask for two autographs [one for the store, one for me.] He said well heck why not. One now happily hangs behind the registers and the other hangs above my compy at home. I am going over to Gab and Cor's place tonight. Can you say FONDUE FANDANGO? Cheese to start, oil and broth for dinner, and chocolate for dessert. Everyone we know is a'welcome to come on over and eat some yummy delights cook ed by us. So I must be going now to fetch some bread from the bakery for tonight. I must go steal I mean politely take the vespa out of our garage. Bye.

Current Mood: anxiousanxious

April 19th, 2004

defy_gravity_ @ 02:17 pm: Chicken Piccata
That'd be a negative on the flour, Cor. Working until 6. Maybe Gabbela can. Sorry my child. I'll be at the house for dinner nonetheless.

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go_lightly__ @ 01:16 pm: oh nooo
tonight's my night to cook and alas I have no more pouridge. What am I to make???chicken picatta, says Gaby. Ok I can make chicken picatta maybe I'll head over to sheldon at the supermarket. Hey wait...if I can make it to the market before one and catch gaby's shift I can score some free bunt cakes. O.k gotta run p.s. Jake will you pick up flour for the chicken piccata??

defy_gravity_ @ 10:08 am: Ready Set Go
I AM OFFICIALLY MOVED IN. I mean, it took the whole weekend but whatev. So yea I spent the whole weekend moving in and Gabbles, Corela, and Campby helped. Sarah was backpacking in Europe for Spring break. She was in Weizhaus with the royal Family of Germany. Woot. Ok so nothing really happened. I am going to go eat brunch with Cori and Gabby. Bye?

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Current Music: Movin' Out

April 16th, 2004

defy_gravity_ @ 08:03 am: Movin' Out
So my children we decided to buy the property across the street and now 3081 Tyler Ave belongs to us as well. And I got it! Gwen took my old room and weare good old pals now. I frequently am over at the house of those two. We are quite a group. Us sillies... but just because I moved across the camino [road] we still have a designated dinner cooker. Gabrielle is tonight. See? Its so awesome. So is Gwen. What if her name was Billy Jean? I have to go to class now and then work until 4. After that our crew has to go for our weekly grocery shopping. Yea. Its fun. Ish. Whatever. Tonight is movie night for our crew and if you all [Campbell, Sarah, Gen, Adam] read this, you are so invited. Bring something to watch because we just ran out of Blockbuster giftcards from the forgotten holidays of the 90s. But its cool. So yea. Im off.

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Current Music: The Doug Theme Song

April 15th, 2004

go_lightly__ @ 08:40 pm: there's a new girl in town
hola fellow newport livers i'm the new gal in town, gwen, and I will be moving into 3080 tyler avenue, farewell jake!! moving across the street. I wake up early...i'm neat and i enjoy pouridge. I work in the neadle point shoppe, I also enjoy reading the boston globe and my pet gerbal bob. I have a keen bible and torah collection in many colors and sizes.I came her to escape my life of annonymous sex and coke snortin' and to escpape my boyfriend who was raggin' on me shout out to snoop dog and my girls...my crew is hot when they are not all up in my grill the can serve biatch.speaking of those who are similar to a female dog u suck lauren thanks for the e mail. my boss miss zipowsky is nice when she isn't all up in my grill. she likes to share pouridge with me and often even puts some raisins in it but pays for the raisins with my paycheck. He miss zipowski...you got served. i stole 17.50 from her knitting closet and bought a pet turtle. My friend bobby in the pet shop gave me a discount because I gave him a handy J in the back room I mean set of croched mittens.

later Gwen

leftinthedust_ @ 07:35 pm: golly whizzers
after the hearty fast of break, i hitched a ride with jacob to work and when i arrived, what was that oh yes...i was promoted to cashier!!!!!!!!!! wo hoo, some guy name dorothy,yes guy, has the job. rookie. ihad to show him the ropes and all as we passed the bathroom i whipped out my noseplug and he just laughed, lets see whos laughing after your first day dorothy. after work, i walked to the bus station where i got a new bus pass. that took a while. i arrived home to find jacob cooking up a feast. i looked down and murphy had an eggo in his mouth so i said "leggo the eggo" hmm i say that alot anywho, jacob was cooking a turkey, some stuffing and oh yes a cake. what a scrumptious meal that was. yummy yummy, after dinner we all went out (jake, me sarah and campbell) for icecream at baskin and robbins. yay! after i realized i had wasted a day, what day u might ask, oh yea a 22 cent tuesday at micky d's. i cooda got a delicious meal for 22 cents. oh well, i got 2 this morning and this night.
anywho wheel of fortune is on and i must go yell at the tv.

Current Mood: excitedexcited
Current Music: "WHEEL OF FORTUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
defy_gravity_ @ 08:07 am: Just Awoke From A Sleep
Last night was a rockin' party. Even better, Gabby learned to post. This rocks, eh? So I just woke up and remembered I have NO CLASSES TODAY! So I am gonna work the early shift [9-12] and then go visit Gabby at the surf shop. Maybe she will get promoted. Maybe not. So now for the party story. When we got there, there were bunch of tourists and we were like, wow this is gonna suck. So we stuck around for about and hour, but Campbell had to go. We gave her the vespa and we decided to drive up to Santa Monica. We went to the pier and rode the amusment park stuff and got deep fried twinkies and funnel cakes. Was more fun than that lame party. Sarah volunteered to drive us back to Newport and when Gabby and I arrived home, we found that Murphy had left us some 'presents' in the kitchen. Oh well. At least it wasn't Bartholomew -sigh-. Then a long sleep. Ish. Well not too long, but deep, so there. Then we woke up and Gabby is leaving for work at 9 also so we decided to go all out for breakfast. Not out like, go out to a restaurant. Out, like make it big. We made pancakes and bacon and whipped cream and cut strawberries and squeezed orange juice and everything! Twas very yum. Big clean up and then we are off to get ready for work. We are now about to leave on the vespa because I have to drive that silly Gabbles to get a replacement bus pass! She lost it somewhere. We should so get a car and not have to borrow campbells. Oh well. Lala. Its hot outside!

Current Mood: rejuvenatedrejuvenated
Current Music: Feeling Hot Hot Hot

April 14th, 2004

leftinthedust_ @ 08:32 pm: partay up in newport baby
so i woke up to an eventful afternoon, yes you heard me afternoon. i woke up at 2:16 to be exact and walked downstairs opened the fridge and cooked me some eggos. the dog we own...murphy...took my eggo so i casually yet sufficiantly shouted "leggo my eggo murphy". yes so he did and i had a late lunch. i walked to work at the surf shop, i clean the bathrooms. they can get nasty sometimes...hopefully ill be promoted to manager of the store,just a couple of places higher on the work chain. anywho i came home from work to see jake and my friends sitting round the table playing poker...my mistake go fish. i joined them and ended up losing and throwing a fit. took some prozac and was fine. i took a shower and was refreshed. got ready for the partay tonightizzle and now im still getting ready...post later bout the shin dig
later gater

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Current Music: This is the place- RHCP
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